"The mariachi band was awesome. We were there Father's Day. Food was great also."
-Judy R. 

"Mexican food done right! True New Mexico style and this place is one of the best in Albuquerque!"
-Chuck W. 

"I loved it. Good food and friendly staff."
-Shannon K. 

"Great food, good quantity, reasonable price and a wait staff that is nearly always outstanding. And I love their frozen margaritas. We drive across town to go there."
-Patrick D. 

"Awesomeness!!!! ALWAYS Enjoy This Place, Great Food,Great Service."
-Ray M. 

"Went there with my parents and grandchild today about brunch time, we were treated respectfully, the place filled up with a lot of families, service was great, warm, the lady
kept checking on us. The food was great, I had been there about 10 times before, this was my parents/grandchild's first time and we will be back."
-Diane W. 

"This is one of my favorite places to go for new Mexican food. Never disappointed in my meal!"
-Amber M. 

"Awesome deliciousness! I will come everytime I'm in ABQ and want to gain weight happily."
-Amy F. 

"Excellent food & service.
Had a BAD experience at another place the day before....so we tried again here.
I'm never disappointed here."
-Al S. 

"Los Cuates is always great! Unique salsa and great food."
-Tom M. 

"Love, love, love. My favorite place to eat Spanish food. All my family knows where I like to go on Lomas."
-Patricia A. 

"My family and I love this place  the staff are always friendly and the service is great  we don't go anywhere else for Mexican food ."
-Geryl S. 

"The staff at this location is awesome! We had a big group and the service was great. My food was delicious."
-Tanya S. 

"The food was great! Our waitress Nona was very attentive, and friendly. We would recommend to anyone."
-Michael G.

"One of our favorite stops when we travel to Albuquerque."
-Olsen C. 

"I had a chicken burrito, refried beans,and fried ice cream . The food tastes really good and is affordable. The Atmosphere is really relaxing and they had live music the night I went."
-Tammy A. 

Great food and service! Thanks for a great meal!

Our family looks forward to our next meal there!"
-Rube C. 

"Amazing food and the salsa is the best. Also live music on the weekends are great too."
-Tim M. 

"I have been coming to this restaurant since it opened and have never been disappointed. the food and service is excellent."
-Frank O. 

"One of our favorite restaurants! Great service, food and bar!"
-Apryl H. 

"I've been here for dates. Always amazing service and the food is awesome. As someone who has been to a lot of resteraunts I can appreciate a good place. I decided to bring my kids on a day I was having a rough time as a reward. I can honestly say it's my favorite out of them all. The atmosphere is authentic. I just want everyone to know that if you want Good Mexican food this is the place to be. Shout out to the 2 people who helped me Kyle and Amber."
-Sharon J. 

"Had a fantastic early lunch for Father's Day today with hubby. The food was absolutely delicious and the mango margarita was terrific. I won't have to lift weights today after picking up that glass. Our visit was made even more exceptional thanks to our server Delores - what a sweet lady. The Mariachis made this a special visit - I love their music and voices."
-Phyl B. 

"My favorite salsa in town!! Super friendly staff, clean restaurant, and awesome food! Can't wait to go back!!"
-Amy G. 

"Beautiful amber lighting in the bar, gorgeous view of the Sandias, amazing mariachis, delicious food, friendly staff!!"
-Amber W. 

"Really good food! Awesome Salsa, totally unique. Great Chili and top notch service."
-Steve S. 

"They have made some management and staff changes. We ate there this past Saturday and had the best food and service ever. We were definitely impressed."
-Stacey M. 

"Great place to eat, Mariachis on Friday till 8 pm. It has great scenery also."
-Randy R. 

"The best food in the world. Really friendly and amazing customer service!"
-Angelo S. 

"The food was tasty and service was very good. I'd go back for the sopapilla alone!"
-Beth S. 

"Always been one of my favorite places, service and food are always great."
-Randy T. 

"Chips and salsa alone are awesome. Make a fantastic bloody Maria. Shrimp veracruz and fajitas all perfect for low carb or just blow it up and get the steak and enchiladas. Sopapillas are going to be on the table just as you get stuffed. Service is Good."
-Kefty E. 

"Duke City Mustangs showed up with a group of about 20 people. We had called ahead to let them know we were coming, they had a room and tables ready for us!!! This was the second time they have accommodated us in this way. They do a great job of taking care of large groups. We plan on coming back again in the future."
-Brian B. 

"We had dinner here last night. The service was great and so was the food. We had a very pleasant evening and looking forward to our next visit."
-Hope A. 

"The food and service is always great. I love the salsa."
-Amanda S. 

"...I love this place. The wait staff is always Uber attentive. Food comes out fast. Prices are decent and portions are big. I have been a loyal customer for 30 years at other locations and this one since it opened."
-Michelle L. 

"We love this place, Great good and service, I work by the airport and I'm often asked where a good Mexican restaurant is, I always send them to this place, Highly recommended!"
-Allen G. 

"It was the best yummy Mexican food, it was so good."
-Garlin D.

"Excellent food, adequate portions, good atmosphere and our server, Carmen was fantastic."
-Karon K. 

"One of my favorite restaurants in Albuquerque. The salsa is very different from any other you have ever had and the Chile Rellenos are sabroso!"
-Ralph G. 

"I was born in New Mexico and haven't been here for along time and was missing
authentic cuisine. I was particularly craving chili rellenos and started searching all websites. After reading several reviews the bus boy at my hotel recommended Los

I'm so grateful for the recommendation and this is by far one of the best chili rellenos I've ever had. I ordered the plate and a bowl of green chili stew that was also excellent.

Did I mention the margaritas and fried ice cream ?

Don't miss Los Cuates if you are in Albuquerque , it would be a shame , I don't think any of the other Mexican places can hold a candle to Los Cuates."

"I have eaten at this restaurant several times, and have never been disappointed in the least. Great food, large servings, and very reasonable prices. Nice atmosphere. The best chile relleno I've ever had - and the food is consistently good, visit after visit."
-Ken W. 

"Great menu, more of a date/family place than casual. Outstanding Margarita's. Friendly staff. Lotsa locations which testifies to their consistent quality."
-Clif C. 

"We have been going here on yearly trips for 20 years, as it our local family's favorite, and it is always a highlight of our trip, as it features low priced, great NM plates. The chips are great, salsas are unusual, and main plates are large and tasty. I usually order more exotic dishes, so I'm not usually a fan of ordering enchiladas (usually too boring, as I eat out a lot) or chile rellanos (often just a mess of cheese, with no flavor chiles, in a droopy batter), but this place is the only place I'll order them, as they are always perfectly prepared! Two others in our family usually just share an order of nachos and the free sopapillas. Always had good service, as well, and the house made margaritas are perfect."
-Marc P.

"It's never a good idea to straggle into a restaurant fresh off the road, cranky and starving. We are going to be hard to please and in a hurry to get served. Los Cuates stepped up to the plate, so to speak, brought on the food, provided nice service and filled us up for a not-big price. Try the New Mexican dishes, enjoy the green and red sauces, lean back and relax. This group of restaurants (there are several) are dependable neighborhood favorites, nicely decorated, clean, quiet and perfect for picky, cranky, starving travellers."
-Michaela H. 

"Try the papas frites with green chiles. The enchiladas, fried green chili and the different plates are all delicious."

"My spouse and I live quite a ways away and order carry out or dine in at least twice a month. The food is always delicious and the staff is well trained, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend the carne adovada. I took cooking classes in Santa Fe and Los Cuates' carne blows SF out of the water! Highly recommend!" 
-LoE L. 

"This is the best Mexican food restaurant on the mountain. Great customer service given by our waitress Nicole. Food was regular New Mexico style, so don't expect Tex-Mex. if you are spending the day on the mountain skiing, hiking, or checking out the views you have to stop here."

''We've eaten here a number of times and have enjoyed it very much. Everything is well prepared, priced moderately and the portions are huge. The service is friendly and helpful. It's a very festive and fun atmosphere on the nights that they have live music. Secret bonus that we just discovered: on Sunday night, they give you a free serving of natillas, muy delicioso!!!"
-Susan B. 

"This year, for the pride parade, we went to Los Cuates. I'd never eaten there before. The food was fantastic, big portions, and service was excellent. They were definitely prepared for the crowd. The alcohol was great as well. Drinks were strong and well mixed. I'd definitely eat there again."
-Jonathon B. 

''We went to the restaurant on Menaul. Very attractive setting; friendly, attentive service, good food and plenty of if. I enjoyed the salsa that came with the chips, and the combinacion de Frank was quite good. I really liked the chile relleno.''

"My sister recommended I try this place for my final night in ABQ. The portions are huge and the food is great. I had the Indian Taco, pozole, and sopapillas. So many options to choose from to satisfy any craving you might have. Prices are decent. Bring a big appetite and enjoy."

"I've eaten @ Los Cuates for 20+ years. Like anywhere, someone has something bad to say. But in the case of Los Cuates , "it's always great"!!! The chips and salsa are 1 of the 2 best in Albuquerque. ( The 2 are completely different by the way ). The sopapillas are excellent, a nice addition to a Marcus' combo! Joe @ the bar will mix you a great Margarita or pour a nice cerveza. We had takeout & I remembered how great Los Cuates really is!"
-Eric S.

"Los Cuates in my opinion is in the top 5 for Mexican food restaurants in Albuquerque. The service is always great and fast, the environment is friendly. With Spanish music playing in the background and paintings of villas and salsa dancing, you feel at home. I always order the large chicken enchiladas (3) with red chile. The red chile here is by far the best I have tasted and the mixture of flavor with spice is outstanding. The enchiladas themselves are always perfect, neatly rolled, smothered in chile and cheese with beans, rice, and lettuce. Always great. It won't disappoint."
-Xavier O. 

 "I've frequented this restaurant for 20 years now. The food is always good. The service is lovely. If you like margaritas they are known for the multitude of flavors. The cost is reasonable. The salsa is to die for."

"This was the first restaurant I went to when I moved here in 2016. I've been to NM many times and fell in love with green. 20 years in Florida was a killer for a podhead like me. One bite of their green chile chicken enchiladas and I was home and I ain't ever going back. I found the restaurant to have the local feel, clean, comfortable and good service. Sopapilla to end off a great meal and I was hooked. I've have been back many times and while it may seem boring I always get the enchiladas. I'm never disappointed."
-Gary B. 

"We are visiting from California and a friend recommended this place because he used to live here.  It was very good. I had the "lite@ combo plate with a taco and cheese enchiladas with green sauce. It was delicious a little spice and not what I call light.  Their portions are very generous. The salsa that you get with your chips is like nothing I've ever had. Spicy and a little sweet. So good we had to buy a bottle to bring home."
-Michele V. 

"Great, great New Mexican comfort food. Every time i go im greated by quality staff, and awesome food. Drinks are a bit heavy handed (im not complaining!) and the food is sooooo tasty! This is my favorite one, the one on menaul is a bit smaller but still pretty good. Usually get the flautas, or the enchiladas with red chile.Plenty of food as well, never go home hungry."
-Aaron G. 

"I have been eating here for 15 years, They have friendly and fast fully bilingual service. Overall the menu is what you would expect from a traditional New Mexican restaurant, their salsa is a pleasant surprise!! We love the beef fajitas and Chile rellenos. It's terrific for fast to go food as they have their own To-Go entrance and service counter."
-Nicole T. 

"My friend and I had margaritas here before and decided to try it again. I'm glad we did! The margaritas were as delicious as we remembered. We sat at the bar and were able to talk without having to yell. We got some nachos which came out without the garnishing but the server quickly brought us the garnish and some extra sour cream which made me one happy girl!! They were delicious, especially the chicken. Tender and flavorful."
-Trish S. 

"The food is good, it's predictable which is good, because I always know what to expect. They know their menu very well and it shows. The sopapilla's are big and oh so good! When you go, ask for Jacob, he is a fun, friendly waiter who is attentive and always keeps your glasses full and puts a smile on your face!"
-Rachel S. 

"I just met a friend here for a quick bite after work. Nicole is a very cheerful hostess. Our waitress Carmen was amazing!! Very efficient and friendly. I had a coupon for a free queso and it was delicious. We just ordered stuffed sopapillas a la carte because the dinner portions are so large and we weren't that hungry. They were well prepared and tasty. Saw my buddy Vito as we were leaving and we got to catch up briefly. The staff is wonderful and the food is great."
-Jean C. 

"Had the Indian tacos here.  It was very very good.  The service was prompt and very friendly.  The menu had many items that looked good.  Nice introduction to New Mexican cuisine."
-Bruce T. 

"Los Cuates is one of the first local restaurants I went to when I arrived in ABQ in 2003. They've been around for quite some time. I went to the original (?) on Lomas Blvd as my first visit. This review is for one of the newer branches on Coors Blvd.

One of the most unique items you will find at Los Cuates is their salsa. It is VERY different and extremely addicting. I guess some people don't like it, I happen to love it!

I've tried many items over the years but I most typically get their fajitas (they are my favorites in this town) and tacos both consistently good.

This particular branch is spacious, has a great bar, an outdoor patio (it's hot in the summer). They serve a couple of local brews now.

Worth the trip for the salsa and consistently good New Mexican cuisine."
-Chelsea W. 

"I always get chicken enchiladas, rice, and beans; that's my go to Mexican food order.  I get it without chile...I know, I know, New Mexicans are throwing things at my review now, but I'm not from NM and with chile, you never know what you're going to get, spicy, spicier, or holy crap!  So I just avoid it.

The enchiladas, rice, and beans are good, but that is not the reason for the 5 stars.  The reason for the 5 stars is the SOAPAPILLAS!  They are some of the best sopas I've ever had.  With honey on top, they are flaky, not doughy or chewy, and they are DELICIOUS!"
-Carol R. 

"Here, there's nothing short of a huge spectrum of flavors, tastes, and preferences. I went for something a little different this time and was way into the texture, the taste, and the overall presentation. Not only does it look different, it IS different, adding to the myriad of things you're going to find while in New Mexico. I really liked Los Cuates, and would definitely try again. Drinking a Straw-garita is HIGHLY, I repeat HIGHLY encouraged as well."
-Tania S. 

"The service was excellent and the food was amazing... Coming home and being able to enjoy great food like I remember...not fake or processed at all!! Very happy and satisfied, Brittney you were AWESOME!!!!"
-Jackie V. 

"This is my local go-to for my chile fixes. Great New Mexican food and terrific service. For those that imbibe, margaritas are fabulous. Live music on Friday and Saturday. A must stop on the Turquoise Trail."